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What are the Benefits of Practicing Tantra? | Mare Simone

What are the Benefits of Practicing Tantra?

Tantra does more than simply enhance one’s lovemaking skills. It teaches us to be more aware of the life force that is always flowing through us, and how to guide that flow consciously. The more you flow with it, the more it flows to you and through you to energize your life. The high energy flowing through our body and brain is very nourishing, balancing and rejuvenating. And couples who practice Tantra together give each other the gift of life through pleasure and joy. the greatest gift we can give one another, and it’s priceless! 

By creating a harmonious union of the male and female aspects that are within each of us, Tantra helps us to understand how these sometimes irreconcilable forces can enlighten and heal one another.

The result is a heightened state of awareness, and access to an enormous energy which can be channeled into “full body orgasms” that radiate throughout the body and brain. This is really exciting. exhilarating, energizing and mind expanding! It provides us with knowledge of our divine essence; that force which created us, so that we can live in accordance with our most beautiful and radiant self.

Tantra teaches how to experience this heightened awareness in our daily lives and how to apply this dynamic force into every aspect of our lives.

Many students find that Tantra increases their mental alertness, providing a deep sense of calm, greater vitality and enhanced overall well-being. One of my clients told me that experiences of heightened state through Tantra, made him feel smarter and perform better in his profession.

The benefits are felt physically and emotionally as well as creatively and spiritually.

Research is discovering what Tantrics knew all along — a fulfilling sexual and emotional life is tremendously beneficial to our overall health and state of mind.

Expanded orgasms can boost the immune system; strengthen the heart and other organs, and stimulate hormones that increase a person’s emotional and physical well-being.

Through Tantric sexual practices, men and women gain a greater understanding of the deeper states of orgasm. They can come together in multiple orgasms. And a man can actually experience orgasms without feeling depleted as in ordinary, “friction sex”!

This expanded orgasmic state leads to feeling more alive, passionate and energetic in all aspects of life. Feeling loved, nurtured and energized is the best cure for depression and hundreds of other ailments.

Learning How to Expand Orgasmic Energy

Hear Mare discuss full body orgasms and other aspects of expanding pleasure. (1:53)

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