What Happens During Your Sessions?

The path of Tantra is very personal, and since each person is unique, sessions are custom tailored to supportively guide individuals and couples through awakening passion, pleasure and a peaceful state of mind.

The initial session begins with a consultation, which allows us to get acquainted and establish a rapport with one another.  Based upon what I learn about you I will design a personalized program to help you realize and actualize your desires.

I will introduce you to the foundations that will help you unlock the immense, pleasurable power that is inside of you, just waiting to be experienced.

Next, we begin to practice these techniques while you’re in a state of deep, conscious relaxation.  Then I use nurturing and arousing touch to take you on a sensual journey that helps you to find that perfect balance between excitement and relaxation.

Once we have found that balance, you enter a zone which I call Tantric time.  In that state, you can experience immense pleasure, which can be sustained for remarkably long periods of time.