Can You Teach Me How to Satisfy My Partner?

In order to be able to give your partner pleasure, it’s best if you have a grasp of how to expand this pleasure within yourself.  So first, I will teach you how to receive pleasure fully.  I emphasize this first because learning to receive pleasure deeply allows you to become a fantastic giver of great pleasures, because that place is familiar to you.

Naturally, the more capable you are to open yourself up to receiving pleasure, the more you’ll be able to please your partner.

Receiving pleasure and loving attention is difficult for many people.  Especially men who have been taught from a very early age not to feel or allow their feelings “to get out of hand”, so they find it is much easier to give.

When you can receive pleasure, it puts you in an open and more receptive state.  This requires a great deal of trust and the ability to feel safe enough to truly let go of control. to surrender completely. to pleasure…

Imagine that your body is composed of many circuits through which energy travels.  Tantra increases the flow of energy through the circuits, and enables you to share much more with your partner.

By allowing yourself to enjoy higher pleasures via Tantric practices, you will awaken powerful states of intimacy and emotional fulfillment.