Tantra: A Goldmine of Sacred Enlightenment

Originally carried in La Chispa Magazine...

When you hear the word “tantra”, what comes to mind? A bubble bath for two, a candlelight massage, and a sensual escapade? Some forms of the media often present Tantra (also known as Sacred Sexuality) as an exotic version of sex. So, what’s happened to the “Sacred” in Sacred Sexuality? No wonder people are confused.

The authentic Sacred Tantra approach empowers you to utilize your sexual energy, passion, and sensuality to ecstatically elevate your personal spiritual journey, as well as your shared relationship experiences. Your sexual energy is meant to be in service of your spiritual path, not the other way around. The Old Masters guided students of Tantra in how to use the heightened states of sexual pleasure as spiritual fuel to expand beyond the sensual realm into higher consciousness and finer energy for spiritual purposes. Modern Tantra has morphed into a sensual practice with often little or no mention of the more evolved spiritual transformational aspects. The main reason, perhaps, is that our culture is very focused on sex (especially in the media) and yet is very confused and uneasy with sex, and therefore has a compelling need for sexual healing. Because of this focus, the public is very interested in the sexual aspects of Tantra and for the teachers of Tantra, “sex sells!” The result is that Tantra has become significantly misrepresented. Originally, sex was a small part of Tantra. Now it’s the only thing that many think of when they hear the word Tantra. Originally the emphasis was TANTRIC sex; now it has become Tantric SEX. The essential elements of ancient authentic Tantra (meditation, daily practice, the philosophy and spiritual context, etc.) have taken a back seat to the sexual practices. We can begin to tap into a wealth of information, practices and inspiration to explore, deepen and learn about our natural sexuality and how it integrates with our natural spiritual essence. This integration is the beginning of the inner alchemy that the ancient Tantric masters refer to; it can take your ability to love and be loved to the highest level, thus offering the possibility of experiencing more joy in life and deepening the connection with the Divine.

If practiced regularly the skills of Sacred Tantra will make life richer and enhance the ability to bring one’s depth of being to the surface, for more self love and confidence, and for more loving, harmonious relationships. As we all know, most of the pain and suffering in our lives comes from difficulties with relationships and from a lack of love. Can we embrace the sacred in Sacred Sexuality? Are we truly ready for a level of Sacred Sexuality that goes beyond the desire for new, exotic sexual “kicks?” Or will the spiritual and sacred continue to be left out and the public be offered ‘hot tub Tantra’, because that’s what sells.