Thank you for your magic, your love, your blessings, your healing and your unconditional acceptance. You are truly special, and I felt very special with you. Like I have never felt with another woman. It was surely the high play I had hoped for.

My time with you felt “other worldly”. When I think about walking down that third floor hallway with what seemed like a hundred doors, and I knocked on one with no number and was greeted and received by you, a radiant, magical, mystical beauty, I knew I was surely in sacred space and time. I realized yesterday that I had spent that whole day in anonymity, which is very rare for me. It just added to my sense that I had visited a very distant land.

Back to earth… thank you for breathing life back into me. I am carrying your breath, it is still warming me, softening and opening my heart. I have shared that breath with others in new and subtle ways already. Like a word of encouragement, the gift of a flower, any gesture of kindness….. The part of me that can’t just live in this moment and enjoying what we shared is already trying to arrange to share breath with you again in the future

MR – Boston Developer