What Would a Session Be like If I Brought My Partner?

Couples sessions are customized to meet the specific needs and desires of the partners involved.

We would begin the conversation and see what you individually and your relationship is ready to receive.  In addition to the initial instructions in Tantra and learning skills, we would get physical with some partner yoga and Tantric massage you would learn to give to each other with my guidance.

If you’re feeling adventurous we could explore a “four handed massage” which is really fun and instructional.  It’s all up to your imagination and your comfort level.  Most couples find me very easy to be with and respectful of their relationship.

We would decide which partner is to be the focal point — then the other partner and I work together exploring and nurturing the receiver. I will guide the giver and support the receiver to let go and let love in.

This is a great way to learn how to honor your partner with a loving touch that heals and awakens each of you to a life of great joy and unlimited pleasures.