Do I Need to Have a Partner in Order to Practice This?

Tantra can be practiced either solo or as a couple.

The solo path is known as White Tantra and includes disciplines which prepare the body for sustaining high levels of sexual energy for prolonged periods of time.

The practice of Red Tantra is when lovers engage in a dance of erotic energy that opens them to discover increased love and intimacy between them.  Naturally, the intensity increases as you share this practice with someone you care about.

Tantra offers techniques that not only enhance ones lovemaking skills, it also teaches us how to increase our life force and focus it towards heightened vitality and greater rewards in all aspects of life.

In addition, Tantra helps you to become more charismatic, therefore, it may actually help you to create or find a deeply resonant relationship with a partner, if you don’t already have one.

Once awareness and skill have been attained, men become more emotionally available and then are more capable to connect intimately with a woman. Together in union, they can then travel the path of conscious sexual wholeness.