Tantra for Men

The first step in Tantric practice for men is to learn to relax and enjoy the energy of ecstasy, orgasm without ejaculation! Most men don’t know that this is possible, yet when a man can separate the two, he is at choice to come… or not to come! Most men are elated when they discover that they don’t have to hold back feeling pleasure, in order to not ejaculate, but instead redirect the energy inward and outward! In other words, he can come, without going, into a deep sleep.

A Tantric timeless state of bliss can last as long as you allow yourself to relax and receive its blessings. In this state, a man can ride waves of orgasmic pleasure for hours, connecting with his partner, and not need to ejaculate!

He must first become adept at sustaining this blissful state within himself. Once a man knows how to access this state and can relax into it, he becomes a truly profound lover! Then, he can awaken his female partner to high, sustained and mutual pleasures.

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