Help Wanted! Pay in cash, Workshops or Sessions

March 2018:

Thailand in Jan. was wonderful, met lots of new friends and got to lead the group in some practices which culmenated in a rockin’ puja! But the season bit my butt, as I came back with a horrific flu which kept me hybernating  in bed for most of Feb. As a result, I got so far behind in lots of correspondence and projects.

I had an aha moment as I was showering, which often happens in water. It inspired this post and juicy, best ideas.

Seeking help in lots of areas, I had a genius thought to reach out to my community first, as I love working with people who have a passion for the teachings and services I provide — and possibly we can make it a win-win!

I’m willing to pay for the services needed and would also be open to exchanging services among my community with people who LOVE to do what I need. So I went wild and wrote out a long list to see my community can support me.

I am open to give Group Coaching &/or Private Tantra Sessions and Coaching via the phone or Skype. Workshops and Sessions in person when possible too.  The way that I work with my clients is usually a combination of sessions on Skype or phone and in person.

Seeking Passionate People to Interview for My Blog, Vlog Or Both. Is That You? Let’s Talk!  

My Want List:


Web-Designer + Graphics

VA: Newsletter, Mailing Lists, Private Email asst.

VA: Social Media Marketing

Local Help with Workshops & Webinars

VA: Webinar Tech Support

Video Editor

Hair Stylist

Extension Artist

Makeup Artist for shoots

Graphic Art

Book Editor

Foot Massage

Body Work and Play!

Massage & Partner Yoga Players

Wanted: Passionate People to interview for my Blog, Vlog or both. Is that you? 







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