Help Wanted! Pay in cash, Workshops or Sessions

March 2018:

Thailand in Jan. was wonderful, met lots of new friends and got to lead the group in some practices which culmenated in a rockin’ puja! But the season bit my butt, as I came back with a horrific flu which kept me hybernating  in bed for most of Feb. As a result, I got so far behind in lots of correspondence and projects.

I had an aha moment as I was showering, which often happens in water. It inspired this post and juicy, best ideas.

Seeking help in lots of areas, I had a genius thought to reach out to my community first, as I love working with people who have a passion for the teachings and services I provide — and possibly we can make it a win-win!

I’m willing to pay for the services needed and would also be open to exchanging services among my community with people who LOVE to do what I need. So I went wild and wrote out a long list to see my community can support me.

I am open to give Group Coaching &/or Private Tantra Sessions and Coaching via the phone or Skype. Workshops and Sessions in person when possible too.  The way that I work with my clients is usually a combination of sessions on Skype or phone and in person.

Seeking Passionate People to Interview for My Blog, Vlog Or Both. Is That You? Let’s Talk!  

My Want List:


Web-Designer + Graphics

VA: Newsletter, Mailing Lists, Private Email asst.

VA: Social Media Marketing

Local Help with Workshops & Webinars

VA: Webinar Tech Support

Video Editor

Hair Stylist

Extension Artist

Makeup Artist for shoots

Graphic Art

Book Editor

Foot Massage

Body Work and Play!

Massage & Partner Yoga Players

Wanted: Passionate People to interview for my Blog, Vlog or both. Is that you? 







6 responses to “Help Wanted! Pay in cash, Workshops or Sessions”

  1. My wife is disabled. We’d be interested in being interviewed. We work with Steven D Solomon PhD. Began seeing him 12/13/89 after Jayne’s work comp injury on 2/24/89. He’s helped us in almost every area.
    I’ve done most of our sex research.
    My wife takes a huge amount of narcotics. Brand name. What we aren’t given full info about? That anything stronger than hydrocodone blocks sex hormones in the sexes.
    Have you heard about the Womanizer P500?
    We have a some toys. I’d like to get a rabbit vibe. I need to measure how far it’s from her clit to her vaginal entrance.
    Jayne is good at deep breathing.
    Do you tell women to masturbate during penetrative sex? When we “arrive” together (better than coming) it’s the best.
    you can text our cell at 619-733-6241

  2. Hi Jerry & Jayne, thank you for your very personal background.
    To answer your questions, medications do affect one’s libido and there are ways to get around it through meditative practices which is part of what I teach. A friend of mine showed me a little clitoral suction toy that must be similar to the Womanizer P500 you mentioned. Have you tried it, do you like it?
    Deep breathing is important and sounding what’s present is also important even if it’s pain or numbness to help break through to the next level of pleasure!
    I encourage women to touch themselves whenever they desire whether it’s during penetrative sex or oral sex or manual pleasures shared!!!
    I agree coming together is a spiritual event that when shared by 2 people who love each other, deepens the connection to God and one another at the same time. This is the premise behind Tantric sex, in my experience.
    Your comment sparked an interesting stream of consciousness which I would be happy to continue with you. In a Private Discovery Session we can delve deeply into the issues to set the stage for breakthroughs!

    RE Interview: At the moment, the TV segment I was looking to hold interviews for has been shelved. And they wanted to interview people whom I’ve been working with have had meaningful results. If there was something you wanted to improving your sex life, what would that be? Perhaps I can help you in that area and then you would be eligible for an interview to discuss your results on or off screen, depending on your level of comfort sharing.
    Would you be open to being on TV to discuss your results if they helped you get to the next level? If so, I will file your contact info and connect with you if/when this project or other similar projects open up.
    Again thank you for sharing a slice of your intimate life.

    To apply for private phone Discovery Session click for a Personal Profile Form:
    I’ll send you an email as well. XOXO Mare

  3. The Womanizer P500 is the best $250 spent on sex. Literally you’ll be able to explode 10-20 seconds into it. You get aroused, moisten the silicon tip, apply (I began at #4) and holy shit! Together I’ve felt anterior fornix, G-spot, and clitoral all at once. Body shaking. We’ll tell you more.
    Are there other areas you need help with?
    It’s amazing to think we’re able to have sex; let alone great sex for what narcotics and anti-depressants do. And generic drugs are almost a waste.
    You’re in San Diego, right?

  4. Thanks for that info. I’ll have to try it. Always open to learn about the latest greatest toys and activators!
    I’m in Los Angeles and visit San Diego from time to time. And I used to live there in North County.

  5. Recovering from pneumonia.
    Is there anything we can do for you? I hate to put it like this, but is there anything you’d like to interview us for; and would it pay? We don’t necessarily need money. It depends on how we can help you help other couples. Of course, if there’s a stipend then good…
    Curiously, do you ever use couples as study as they have sex or for your clients to watch?
    I don’t know that we’d do that, but the thought is arousing for us both.
    We have thought about purchasing a rabbit style vibrator. Any recommendations? Tell your clients to avoid the the B-Vibe (rectal vibrator) as it’s noisy and could be much better. The WeVibe is ok if it doesn’t attract pet hair or fall out. It’s also good as a male-worn vibrator for single or mutual masturbation with partner.
    Also, if you have female clients who have had vaginal atrophy due to menopause or from narcotic pain therapy which blocks sex hormones, I do have some advice.
    For one, do not purchase Method brand HRT from the pharmacy. It is junk.
    The same product (1.25mg estrogen/2.5mg testosterone by Ani brand or better yet (cost more) Coviryx brand…these both work great.
    And, Red Alinsod MD offers the ThermiVa radio frequency internal treatment. This works instantly. I want to get Jayne to his office in Laguna Niguel asap. It’s expensive though. The only side effect is arousal or orgasm. What a shame, eh?!
    Thanks for talking.
    If possible, could you remove my (Jerry) and last name so that nobody can read this and we lose our privacy? We’re happy to help you but don’t want people to recognize us. Or however you can make us incognito.
    Thanks again.

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